Advantages of Educational Technology

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Write about the advantages of Educational Technology

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Advantages of Educational Technology
1. It possess great potential for teaching-learning process: It makes curriculum construction and selection of teaching-learning strategies easy and also makes teaching-learning more effective.
2. Improvement in the quality of teaching: Educational Technology helps in improving the quality of teaching by providing varied types of programmes through TV and other media.
3. Educational Technology motivates children for learning: It arouses motivation among the learner to learn by using various new machines such as the video, computer, tape-recorder, TV, and other different types of projected aids.
4. Eliminating the problem of Mass Education: Educational technology is almost eliminating the obstacles of mass instruction. Different types of programmes developed by different experts for a large population of students can be easily communicated.
5. Educational opportunities accessible for all: It breaks the barriers of all classes of learners, irrespective of economic, social or geographical status and makes education available for all. For example, through mass media, TV Radio, Film etc., it makes education easily available for alt. It also serves as a distance mode of learning.
6. Provides continuous and life-long education: By arranging TV lesson, sending self-instructional programmed material to the learners or to the in-service personnel and vocational workers, educational technology helps to keep themselves aware of the innovative thinking of the ever-changing society
7. Provides equal opportunities for all types of children: Educational Technology makes provision for self-instructional materials, which provides opportunities to both the gifted and backward children to proceed at his/her own rate of speed in the learning process. children in the learning process

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