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Are you a teacher or a student? Do you join the 2 years D.el.ed course? Now you are thinking about how you get the D.el.ed important questions or NIOS D.el.ed study material. And you have less time for finding study materials of d.el.ed and no time for reading books.

If you facing, these type of problems than you can believe us, We have a large collection of the important question answers and study material for Nios D.el.ed course. we will try always to give you the accurate and trust results of each and every D.el.ed questions. The Nios D.el.ed study material is available with the multiple languages options. The language options are NIOS D.el.ed study material in Assamese medium and NIOS D.el.ed study material in English medium. Here our website provides you with hundreds of the D.el.ed 501,502,503,504,505 papers questions and the answer options. We immediately check the answers and show you the correct answer in case you choose the incorrect. We offer the test 100% free for you. Follow the simple steps as mentioned below for starting now Nios D.el.ed online test.

Subjects of Study for D.El.Ed.

Subjects of Study
Childhood and the development of children Cognition, sociocultural context
Contemporary society Teacher identity and school culture
Education Society Leadership and change
Towards understanding the self Pedagogy of environmental studies
Pedagogy of English language Diversity and education
Mathematics education for the primary School health and education
Proficiency in English Fine arts and education
Work and education

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NIOS D.el.ed papers in English and Assamese medium

Paper 501 

Paper 502

Paper 503

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