Combining sentences exercises

Synthesis means putting together, Synthesis is the opposite of Analysis and means the combination of a number of sentences into one new sentence- simple, complex or compound.

For example, He failed. It was unfortunate. = Unfortunately he failed.

How to start an English Grammar combining sentences online test?

step 1:-  Scroll down and click on “English combining sentences online test”.

step 2:-  The English combining sentences online test will start automatically with the 10 questions and a 3:20 minutes timer. The questions will show one by one your screen.

step 3:-  You just choose the correct answer for the English grammar question and click on “Check“. We show the correct answer in case you wrong.

step 4:-  Now click on Next for move to the next question.

step 5:-  After answering 10 questions click on Finish quiz. We show your total points, the percentage and Time.

step 5:- Click on Restart quiz then Start quiz for a new test with new questions or Click on View questions“ to view the recent test question answer.

Notes:-  If you cross the time limit (3:20 min) then the test will be ended and show the results.

Every time you restart the quiz we provide new English combining sentences questions. 

Click here to start English  combining sentences



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